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In this website, the term "Pfizer" is used to refer to Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Limited.
In the terms and conditions which follow, the terms "we", "us" and "our" are used to refer to Pfizer.

General Terms and Conditions
Please read these terms and conditions ("terms") carefully. By accessing this website you agree to be bound by these terms. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms you should NOT access or view this website. The conditions of use contain three sections. This section provides the general terms and conditions. Other sections below provide our privacy statement and the general terms of use. Any questions or enquiries which you have in relation to this website or in relation to Pfizer should be made either by e-mail using the Contact Us facility or be addressed to Public Affairs and Policy Department, Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Limited, 18/F., Kerry Centre, 683 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.

Terms of use – General
1. Disclaimer
This website is provided to you free of charge, without any warranties or guarantees unless specifically stated. The information contained in this website is intended for general information purposes only and such information is not intended to be, nor should it be, relied upon as constituting professional advice. You should consult a qualified medical doctor in relation to medical product information. Except as expressly provided for on this website, Pfizer is not responsible for the content or use of any web pages or any messages sent or received by you. Neither Pfizer nor any of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies owe any liability to you in relation to damages incurred using this website. Pfizer reserves the right at any time and without notice to enhance, modify, alter, suspend or permanently discontinue all or any part of this website and to restrict or prohibit access to it.

2. Copyright
All copyright, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights used as part of this website are vested in Pfizer, and /or our licensors. You are permitted to print out or download information and content from this website for your own personal and non-commercial use only, and you may not modify, reproduce, store in a retrieval system, transmit, post, publicly display, perform, distribute or deliver in whole or in part, in any form, or by any means any information downloaded by you from this website for any other purposes. You acquire no rights in the website other than the limited right to use the website in accordance with these terms. You may not offer for sale or sell or distribute over any medium, any part of this website or its content. You may not make any part of the website available as part of another website, whether by hyperlink framing on the Internet or otherwise unless you have been authorized to do so in writing by Pfizer.

3. Use of The Website
You shall not use this website for any illegal purposes and in particular agree that you shall not send, use, copy, post or allow any posting which is defamatory, obscene or indecent under the relevant laws of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region, or which is abusive, indecent or in breach of the privacy of any person. You agree not to send any unsolicited promotional or advertising material, spam or similar materials or any volume messages which may interfere with the operation of this website or with the enjoyment of this website by other visitors. You hereby agree to indemnify Pfizer against any costs, claims, losses and damages (including legal fees) incurred by or awarded against Pfizer as a result of your misuse of this website or your breach of these terms.Any violation of the terms will subject you to civil liability or even criminal liability including but not limited to compensating Pfizer for any damages to its reputation and losses arising from any governmental action. If you are in breach of these terms or of Pfizer's privacy statement, Pfizer reserves its option to suspend or block your access to this website and refuse to provide you with any further access to it.

4. No Marketing or Advertisement
No information in this website is provided for the purposes of medicine marketing nor shall information in this website be construed as constituting a medicine advertisement. No information in this website should be intended as and be construed as medical advice. You should always consult your doctors for medical advice.

5. Links to Third Party Sites
While this website may provide links to external websites, Pfizer has no control over the external websites. Links are provided for convenience only and no endorsement of any party, products or services is expressed or implied. Pfizer will not be held responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any content, or the security of any activity carried out on the external websites. Your use of any external site is at your sole risk.

6. Drug Safety and Reporting Adverse Events
Patient safety is of paramount importance throughout the life cycle of a medicine, and pharmaceutical companies have ethical and regulatory responsibilities to monitor the safety of the medicines they sell for as long as they are used by patients anywhere in the world. Patients should always consult their doctors for medical advice for any adverse event. The Drug Safety Unit at Pfizer addresses product experience reports including adverse events and medical device complaints. If you have any experience pertinent to the above, please contact us as soon as possible.

7. Amendments
These terms may be amended by Pfizer from time to time.

8. Target User
The materials on this website are directed solely at users from Hong Kong and Macau.

9. Jurisdiction
These terms and conditions and the content of this website are governed by the laws of Hong Kong.

In the event of discrepancy or inconsistency between this English version of the privacy and the Chinese version, the
English version shall prevail.
These terms and conditions were last modified on 29 May 2014. CHINESE VERSION (繁體中文)



一. 免責聲明
本網站供閣下免費閱覽,除非特別聲明,否則內容並不含任何擔保或保証。本網站提供的資訊只作一般參考用途,該資訊不是亦不應被視為專業意見。如有任何有關醫藥資訊之查詢,請咨詢註冊醫生。 除本網站另有特別聲明外,輝瑞不會對網頁內容、任何網頁的使用、任何傳送給您或您所
接收的訊息負責。輝瑞或其任何子公司或關係企業對閣下使用本網站導致的損失均不負任何責任。 輝瑞保留隨時加強、修改、變更、暫停或永久終止提供本網站所有或任何部分,及限制或禁止訪客進入本網站的權利,毋須另行通知。

二. 著作權

三. 網站使用
您不可以為任何非法目的使用本網站,並同意不得透過本網站發送、使用、複製、刊登或容許刊登任何根據香港特別行政區 (“香港”) 法律規定屬誹謗性、淫褻或不雅的資訊,或任何侮辱性、不雅或侵犯私隱的資訊。您同意不可發送會對本網站的運作或對本網站其他使用者形成干擾的任何宣傳性的或廣告資料、電子郵件宣傳品或同類資料或任何大量訊息。 您同意對輝瑞承擔任何因閣下不當使用本網站或違反本條款而導致輝瑞所承擔或受法院判決應負擔的任何成本、追索、損失及損害賠償(包括法律費用)。 您要為任何違反本條款的行為負上民事甚至刑事責任,包括但不限於賠償輝瑞的任何名譽損失及因政府採取的措施所致之損害 如閣下違反本條款或輝瑞的私隱聲明,輝瑞保留中斷或禁止閣下現在或將來使用及進入本網站的權利。

四. 非行銷或廣告
本網站的任何內容均非為醫藥行銷目的而提供,亦不應被視為醫藥廣告。 本網站的任何內容均非亦不應被視為醫學意見。您應諮詢您的醫生以獲得專業醫學意見。

五. 連結其他網站

六. 藥物安全及報告不良事件
責任。 如有不良事件,病人應該諮詢自己的醫生尋求專業醫學意見。輝瑞的藥物安全部專門負責處理產品使用經驗的報告,當中包括所有不良事件及對醫療器械的投訴。如您有任何與上述項目有關的經歷,請盡快聯絡我們。

七. 修正

八. 目標使用者

九. 管轄權